High quality small group and individual music classes for children 3 to 7 years old

Everybody Knows that music Lessons are good for children’s brain development. But most of traditional music academies are expensive, or too far, or offer methods are not developmentally appropriate for the ideal stage (2,5 to 7) in which Music learning flowseasily and spontaneously.
One of the deficiencies observed in Pre-K education is the scarcity of programs focused on working the double objective of creating stable neural networks that stimulate academic success, while promoting study through music.     

Andante Music Atelier aims to remedy this deficiency, by offering affordable weekly individual or group sessions schools,    kids home, or in our studio.

Our programs:
Provide quality music education specifically developed for children  from all mixed cultural groups
Enhance not only the musical development, but also physical, intellectual and emotional development
Incorporate activities that are appropriate to your student’s stage of development.
are pitched at a price that parents can afford.
have small classes so that children feel secure and can receive individual attention and support.

During the classes, children sing, move to the music, play with instruments, puppets. They also learn to read rhythm, play songs on the resonator bells and on the piano and learn the fundamental elements of music through well-planned and fun musical activities.

Andante Music Atelier offers high quality small group music classes for children 3 to 5 years old, IN THE LOCATION WHERE ARE NEEDED, like childcares, parks, neighborhoods, condominiums, libraries.



  • Discovering their own body and the space that surrounds them.
  • Experimenting with sound environment
  • Enjoying music through an attractive repertoire of songs
  • Recognizing the sound of some instruments
  • Learning how to sing a basic and simple repertoire
  • Becoming familiar with the musical language through their own musical experiences
  • Start listening to a classical repertoire
  • Enjoying music through playful musica
  • auditions
  • Develop psychomotor skills 

Small Group Piano Initiation

3 to 7 years old
Children enjoy group and individual sessions. In a group no bigger than 5 children, they learn the fundamental elements of music theory, music reading and writing and ear training. Individually at the piano they develop their piano technique while playing the songs they learned in the group session.

Individual Piano Lessons

3 years old & up 
Individual lessons  are also available at different times during the week in the mornings and afternoons. Please call to reserve your place for a free trial lesson. 

Encouraging Creativity

Video about music education from birth by Anita Collins. Didactic information for Andante Music Atelier


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